About Plugins and Tcl Plugin

Plug-ins are simply web browser extensions that display the multimedia content on different webpages. Every plug-in is designed in a manner that it helps in display of some unique content type. It enables the web browser to display certain page elements that the web browser would not have otherwise been able to format and show.

So, when we talk about the Tcl plug-in, it helps in easy viewing of Tcl Tk applications inside web browsers. With its help you can embed Tcl Tk applications into webpages and display the different Tk user-interfaces. It helps you make the most of the graphical power available in Tk!

If you’re a seasoned software developer you’d have definitely heard of the security risks involved in execution of binaries and scripts coming from unknown sources. Tcl plug-in helps you stay away from all such security risks, allowing you to easily execute the Tcl applications on webpages. Tcl plug-in employs a unique and new ‘Padded Cell’ security approach which isolates the scripts from each other and prevents them from accessing the hosting system.

You can implement various security policies for Padded Cell scripts, to get safe access to different facilities offered by the hosting system. By default the Tcl applets are prevented from creating top-level windows, accessing the file system and running other programs. Such default security is included for providing people with a good amount of confidence, especially if they’re trying Tcl applets for the first time.