Tcl Tk and Maxtroids Plugin

Tcl Tk Plugin
The web browser plug-in for Tcl Tk allows you to run the Tcl Tk applications in Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla web browsers. When you use the Tcl Tk plug-in, you find yourself able to use the Internet in a whole lot of different ways. You can create pages consisting of compelling applications utilizing an easy to use and mature scripting language called Tcl and its robust graphic user interface (GUI) toolkit called Tk. All such applications would be automatically portable to all the prominent desktop platforms. You’d also be able to view them with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Netscape Communicator, apart from other major web browsers that support the Tcl plug-in mechanism.

Maxtroids Plugin
Now coming to the Maxtroid plug-in, it is actually a Tcl Tk-based game consisting of less than 500 lines of programming code. You assume the role of Captain Max who is commanding a starship in a distant galaxy. As you’re about to dock your starship at the closest space station, it explodes all of a sudden. The shock waves damage your ship’s sensors as well as your weapon systems. Nevertheless, you can still manage to maneuver your situation. The debris shooting out from the space station appears like rocks, with some of them consisting of escape pods (having survivors). Your mission is to handle the spaceship in a manner that you can pick up any survivors without taking a hit from the debris. There are all sorts of controls available to you for accomplishing that.