About ImPress

ImPress is a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) layout program that is designed specifically for the Linux environment. Considering that it caters specifically to the Linux environment has great significance in itself.

Linux provides the perfect foundation for the operating environment of a computer. It differs significantly from other operating systems in the manner that it is stable, fast, customizable and multipurpose. Often people make use of the term Linux for describing various utilities and applications that make it the most effective and advanced OS in the world!

Coming back to ImPress, it facilitates easy creation of PostScript documents and presentations, making use of fully-scalable graphics that are similar to programs like Visio, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and Macromedia FreeHand. How it differs from the conventional raster graphic packages like Jasc’s Paintshop Pro, Adobe Photo Shop and Gimp is that it deals with the graphic objects that can be easily manipulated on a canvas, instead of just different layers of paint. The last known version of ImPress is 1.1 Beta 9.

Another way to put it is that ImPress allows you to easily create high quality documents, making use of vector graphics. It’s also actively used for desktop publishing and as a presentation tool using Ghostscript. You can make use of ImPress both in the form of an application as well as a plug-in (through the Tcl Tk plugin). Although it is meant specifically for Linux/Unix, it can be operated on the Windows 95 and Windows NT environments too. ImPress is compatible with the Tcl Tk versions 8.1, 8.0 and 7.6.

Some of the features contained in the latest version of ImPress are:
- HTML documentation facilitating easy navigation.
- Ability to run in compatibility mode, providing output in a format that’s independent of the Tcl Tk version it’s created with.
- The provision of web-based slide shows: A standalone feature which works effectively in browser environment.
- Better text handling including simpler dialogs and dynamic font lists.
- Provision for raster images like PNM, Gif and others.
- Provision for templates, for easy inclusion of objects on all the pages.
- Inclusion of all sorts of shapes like rounded rectangles, polygons, ovals and rectangles.
- Inclusion of all sorts of colors with outline colors and separate fill. Apart from that developers are provided with a configurable palette too.
- Grouping facility which supports hierarchies.
- Facility of transformations like rotation, scalability, flipping about through vertical/horizontal axis and duplication.
- Facility of rulers, including the movable kinds, position hash marks and separate vertical and horizontal rulers.
- Printing facility with features like print to device, print to file and multipage PostScript.
- Presentations, and their autoscaling.
- Web browser embedding with the use of Tcl plugin. Apart from that editing, saving and printing from the web browser.