General Tcl Tk FAQs

What is it that makes Tcl Tk highly interesting?
Flexible integration, excellent thread support, elegant networking model, cross-platform GUIs, rapid development and the fact that it’s extremely easy to learn and deploy makes Tcl Tk highly interesting.

Who all are actively using Tcl Tk and what’s their opinion of it?
Many experts term Tcl Tk as the best-kept-secret of the software industry. Whether it’s the vast world of open source applications, academics, small companies, large organizations or government institutions, you’d be surprised to know about various places where Tcl Tk find its implementation.

Where all can one use Tcl Tk?
Tcl Tk can be used in embedded development, system administration, desktop applications, Web based applications, network programming, software testing, database work, general-purpose programming and more.

Is it alright to choose Tcl Tk ahead of system programming languages or other dynamic languages?
Selection of the right programming language is extremely important considering the requirements of the project at hand. Although no one can say that Tcl and Tk are the best tools for all possible applications, it cannot be denied that they do work pretty well for a large number of software projects. It is the unique highlights, benefits and features of Tcl Tk that make it a winner!