About iWidgets

Abbreviated form of the [incr Widgets], iWidgets is a set of object-oriented mega-widgets that extends the capabilities of Tcl Tk. It’s based entirely on the [incr Tk] and [incr Tcl]. The mega-widgets contained in this set deliver a whole lot of new and general-purpose widgets such as selection boxes, combo boxes, option menus and several dialogs whose counterparts can be found in Windows and Motif. As it’s the [incr Tk] extensions that form the basis of [incr Widgets], you can expect the Tk framework of default bindings, widget commands and configuration options to be maintained. To put it another way, all mega-widgets belonging to the [incr Widgets] family seamlessly blend with all the standard widgets belonging to the Tk family. When you work with them, you’ll find them appearing, acting and feeling just like the regular Tk widgets. To add to that, as it’s the object-orientation at base of all the [incr Widgets] mega-widgets, you can extend each one of them, using either composition or inheritance.

About Mega-Widget Set

As we mentioned above, [incr Widgets] provides for a solid object-oriented foundation that caters to the need of an extensible and flexible mega-widget set. The way it is used serves as a replacement of the common widget combinations with simplified codes, better readability, high-level abstraction, better productivity, error reduction and promotion of a singular feel and look. Considering the fact that [incr Widgets] can be easily extended gives the developers the ability of creating fresh mega-widgets, building on their previous work.

Putting it more succinctly, [incr Widgets] is nothing but a library of re-employable mega-widgets which can be extended easily by making use of inheritance or composition, facilitating quicker and easier development of the large-scale applications. Their usage in this manner significantly reduces the overall development time. You can create new dialogs in a matter of few hours and entire applications in as less as few days!

A large number of application projects are already benefiting by easily integrating and utilizing this mega-widget set in their overall development strategy. The fact that [incr Widgets] have been so successful is a testimony to the success story of [incr Tk] and [incr Tcl] itself. After all, it is good foundations that lead to the creation of good products!

To give you an idea, let’s take you through some of the widgets contained in the mega-widget set:
checkbox – This iWidget enables the user to easily organize the related check buttons in a particular group.
buttonbox – This iWidget facilitates easy geometric management of the pushbutton instances.
dialog – A special version derived from the Dialogshell, the dialog class has 4 pre-defined buttons: ‘Help’, ‘Apply’, ‘Cancel’ and ‘OK’.
hierarchy – This iWidget is utilized in the form of a hierarchical data viewer in tasks that feature tree -type relationships like directory structures.