[incr Tcl] Usage

[incr Tcl] is actively used by notable organizations, products and projects on an active basis. Right from the outset, Tcl was designed in a manner that it could serve as a flexible programming language, equipped with an easily adaptable small core, depending on the users’ requirements.

The Tcl Tk applications which make active use of [incr Tcl] are also growing day by day.

Some of the many applications actively using [incr Tcl] are:

MAJA - It’s an interactive and attractive 3D application which makes it easy to visualize the human jaw movements.

Mars Pathfinder - Who doesn’t know about Mars Pathfinder?! [incr Tcl] is used in the flight software that guides NASA’s Mars Pathfinder!

ARTEMIS - It’s a real time and multi-user beam optics simulation software meant for the particle accelerator control and simulation.

TkDesk - This is a graphical file and desktop manager.

QuaSR Project - This project which features 17000 lines of [incr Tcl] code, served as the internal test bed for the Sybase SQL Server. Furthermore, it had over 1000,000 lines of code regarding individual test cases.

RPS2 Hubble Space Telescope Software - This piece of software helps the scientists in preparation, checking and submission of observations that need to be executed on the Hubble Space Telescope.

Ptolemy Project - This project serves as the ideal software environment for the University of California’s control systems, communications and signal processing related tasks.